skate & co.  (à Hide Park)
I spy with my little eye …  (à Soho London UK)
Can’t believe this is in the center of London, breathtaking
Sometimes I pinch myself to make  sure I’m not dreaming  (à Park Grand London Paddington)
L O N D O N  here I come
South of France 2014
"L O S T  A N G E L S" South of France 2014
South of France 2014 with non other then @gideonadlonn  (à south of france )
Only you @gideonadlonn could look so chic and poised with @harrystyles #hatemybff
Afternoon swim  (à somewhere in south of france )
This woman has been such a huge influence on my life! I love her so much and she is truly like a mother to me, she has taught me to look at everything with a positive view because it could always be worse the it may seem! Love you Christine (à La Coquillade )
ROSÉ FOR DAYS  (à La Coquillade )
French family dinner at La Coquillade  (à La Coquillade )
Love this girl so much! @clothildetresca  (à somewhere in south of france )
Life for the next 7 days  (à somewhere in south of france )