Guys sorry for all the food photos but who says you can’t eat well on a budget #homemade (à Chateau Reed )
Hi  (à Le zinque)
Iced coffee @zinque  (à Le zinque)
Home cooked breakfast by @clothildetresca  (à Chateau Reed )
Meet our new pet  (à Abbot Kinney)
Heaven  (à Abbot Kinney)
Pizza party :)  (à Venice Beach)
Hi surfers  (à Beach, Malibu)
Drinking some lemonade watching the surfers do their thang (à Beach, Malibu)
Not a bad view from Malibu beach today @clothildetresca  (à Beach, Malibu)
Sunday brunch with my loves  (à Shutters on the Beach)
This girl won’t stop following me, someone help!!!  (à Santa Monica Beach)
You can take the boy out of France but you can’t take France out of the boy ;)  (à Venice Beach)
Meet my girlfriend @clothildetresca  (à LA)
I am back LA  (à LA)